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Shanita nonprofit children karamoja uganda

About us

Every child deserves access to quality education and the opportunity to unlock their full potential.

Shanita is a nonprofit organization supporting children in crisis through a long-term, educational journey.


We serve children in Karamoja, Uganda, who are deprived of the right to education due to extreme poverty, discrimination, gender, or other unjust reasons.​ 

Shanita nonprofit children Karamoja Uganda

Support a Child

Our Scholarship Program enables vulnerable children to access education with a unique opportunity to forge a brighter future that would have otherwise been beyond their reach. We provide immediate support to children facing crisis, ensuring they have access to healthcare services, nutritious meals, and a safe space to thrive. 


Join our community of sponsors to directly transform a child's life. 


Through regular updates, you will witness the transformative impact of your support firsthand.

Shanita Karamoja namalu lior sperandeo

Karamoja Close-up

Located in northeastern Uganda, Karamoja is known for its breathtaking landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, yet faces significant obstacles like extreme poverty, food insecurity, and limited access to vital services, including education, with only 38% of children attending primary school.


Our commitment is to enhance education in Karamoja, specifically targeting vulnerable children, by rescuing them from crisis situations and providing long-term access to education and care.

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