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Our scholarships program presents a real opportunity for disadvantaged children to embrace education as an avenue to a better future - not only for them, but for their family, community and country.
We work where no other solutions are provided and beyond education, we provide every student with their immediate and emotional needs. 

We are looking for dedicated partners to join the scholarship program and change the lives of children who need it the most. 
The process is simple, accessible and meticulous, providing comprehensive support for each student - updating you with their progress and growth throughout their studies. 




A scholarship for a school year costs 50$ a month or 600$ per academic year

Study fees - registration and payment for the school year includes three meals a day. 

Personal accompaniment - A local staff member will accompany each student, guiding them throughout the scholarship. The team is made up of experienced local professionals who have ties to the community.

Study equipment - A variety of items including books, notebooks, stationary and school uniform.

Accommodation requirements - this includes everything from a mattress, bedding, hygiene, to clothing and shoes.


Medical needs - We work with schools that can provide medical services.

Development Fee - This is a dual generation contribution, in which the student's family and wider community also experience an improved standard of living.



Questions and answers about our scholarships

Shanita in Uganda

Where are the students from? 

Our program is based in the Karamoja region of Uganda, one of the world's poorest areas, with approximately 1.3 million residents living in extreme poverty. 


Which schools are they going to? 

The choice of school is made after considering factors like family proximity, curriculum, quality of staff, living conditions, number of children in the classroom, medical services, etc. 


What is the length of the scholarship?

We encourage our supporters to contribute to the scholarship until the end of high school. This allows you to bring long-term change to a child's life. 


How important is the commitment?

Ending a scholarship before the end of its term will adversely affect a student's progress and schooling. Shanita is looking for dedicated partners who believe in long-term change. 


How will I know where my money is going? 

Shanita is a registered nonprofit, with our financial information always open to the public. We act transparently and update our partners in advance of any development or change that will affect their contribution.


How many children can I fund? 
There is no limit to how many students you can support. 

What updates will I receive? 

We will update you with progress throughout the scholarship period with various milestones, including photos, certificates and grades.


Can I meet the student?

Maintaining the privacy and dignity of every student is our utmost responsibility. We will examine each request for a meeting, and only after a dedicated period of support and contact with you.


What happens after the child graduates?

The Shanita scholarship program is valid until high school graduation. At this point, the student is free to choose how they want to move forward and also open to contact you and maintain that relationship into adult life.


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