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Faces of Dedication: Meet team Shanita

Updated: Feb 28

Team Shanita Uganda Karamoja

Dear friends and partners, In the ongoing narrative of Shanita's growth, your unwavering support has been the driving force behind our remarkable journey. What began as a vision has blossomed into a collective effort, where minds, hearts, and innovative ideas have harmoniously converged. Together, we've cultivated a vibrant and inclusive family, achieving a monumental milestone in transforming lives and shaping new worlds.

We want to take this opportunity to introduce the devoted individuals working diligently behind the scene. Fuelled by an unyielding commitment and profound compassion for children and their families, these individuals embody the very essence and heartbeat of Team Shanita.


Shiri Shem Tov - CO-founder and CEO of the organization. Shiri is an educator, social activist, and inspirational figure. She holds a bachelor's degree in education and a master's degree in business management and nonprofit management. Throughout her journey, Shiri has worked for voluntary activities in various fields such as equal opportunities, human rights, marginalized youth, and education. Shiri leads the organization, coordinates its programs, develops new initiatives, and faces the bureaucratic challenges with determination.


Lior Sperandeo - CO-Founder and Head of Programme. Nominated for the prestigious Emmy Award, Lior has earned global acclaim for his profound commitment to amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. Notably, he has pioneered a groundbreaking photography platform, using it as a tool to shed light on silenced narratives and promote values of mutual responsibility, solidarity, and care for others. Drawing from years of experience producing and advising for prominent development organizations, Lior has seamlessly transitioned from a mere observer and documenter to an active participant in the pursuit of positive change. His passion and dedication find a profound expression in the Karamoja region, Uganda, where he directs Shanita's impactful programs alongside a dedicated local team. Lior's heart and purpose are intricately woven into the fabric of Shanita's mission, embodying a commitment to fostering transformative initiatives in the pursuit of a more compassionate world.


Awas Evalyne (Zingi) - Social Worker and Regional Manager. Zingi grew up in a village where only boys went to school while girls remained behind to fetch water, cook, and fulfill household tasks. These are the lives of many girls in her region, but it wasn't the life she aspired to. Despite the odds, Zingi pursued education, excelling in her studies. Today, as a social worker, she is an important role model for many girls in Karamoja, supporting children and their parents in the Shanita program and dreaming of a day when the girls in the program will lead their communities.


Auma Esther - Our Expert in Early Childhood Development (ECD), who plays a crucial role in laying the educational groundwork for children entering the program with no English skills, often being the first in their family to attend school. With determination, Esther builds strong foundations and helps address any learning gaps they may have.


Basel Umra - Head of Medical Department. Basel is a certified and specialized tropical diseases expert with extensive experience in the field of pediatric nutrition. He is responsible for examining, treating, recommending, and monitoring the medical condition and development of all the children in ShnatNet's scholarship program in Uganda, ranging from common treatments to complex cases.


Betty (Mungudit) - English Teacher. A true powerhouse of energy whose presence has infused our lives with immense joy. Hailing from an orphanage in Uganda, Betty's journey embodies resilience and the pursuit of dreams. From her early days, she harbored a childhood aspiration of becoming a teacher, a dream she wholeheartedly realised. Beyond her role as an English teacher, Betty's personal narrative serves as an inspiring model for the boys and girls in our program. Her lived experience is a poignant testament to the transformative power of determination and education. Betty's invaluable contribution extends beyond the classroom, enriching the fabric of our organization with her unique perspective and heartfelt commitment. In her, we find not only an exceptional educator but a living example of the extraordinary potential that lies within each individual, waiting to be unlocked.


Agan Paul, the esteemed dean of studies at Shanita's, is a beacon of inspiration in the realm of education. With a boundless passion for teaching and an infectious energy that electrifies every lesson, he transforms the classroom into a stage where learning becomes a captivating spectacle. His unique ability to blend knowledge with entertainment has captured the hearts and minds of our students, who eagerly await each class with bated breath. Under his guidance, the once mundane corridors of academia resonate with excitement and curiosity, as students flock to his lectures, not out of obligation, but out of sheer adoration.

Shanita children organisation Uganda Karamoja


Shanita caretakers serve as guides within the school environment. Mama Lucy is responsible for the well-being of the children in the early childhood education program before and after school hours. She prepares, organizes, nurtures, listens, and envelops them with love and compassion that extends to every child. With over 20 years of experience, Mama Lucy brings along a professional toolkit and a motherly touch to her nurturing role.


Mama Jackie - Caretaker - Primary School (Moroto)

Jackie is an energetic and cheerful workaholic who leads under her wings a group of sixty children in a primary school in Moroto. Responsible for the largest number of children in the program around the clock, Mama Jackie, along with the other home mothers, fulfills a role that is nothing less than the backbone of the scholarship project.


Mama Nayo - Caretaker - Primary School (Namalu)

Nayo is an experienced Caretaker. Beyond the numerous responsibilities inherent in her role, recently she was assigned a not-so-simple task. She was sent to a remote rural school where children with special circumstances attend, requiring them to travel long distances from their homes and start a new chapter. There, she is in charge of leading and caring for forty-five lively and spirited children.


Joseph Lochugai - Head of Activities and Camp Coordinator

Joseph entered our lives as a volunteer in the first Shanita camp. Within a few days, the wonderful connection between him and the children was evident, as they continued asking about him for months after. As a young father of three, who himself fight to ensure his children's success in their studies, Joseph exemplifies the essence of compassionate and caring fatherhood. Responsible for leading the English programs on weekends and coordinating camp activities, Joseph reminds us of the nurturing and protective qualities of a loving father.


Yael Sperandeo - Designer Yael is an artist and designer with a rich experience both in Israel and around the world. She specializes in brand identity and visual design, always approaching her projects with creativity and perfectionism. Beyond the adventurous project, Yael joined Shanita with a significant challenge – to bridge worlds and cultures through a shared visual language.

Yael Sperandeo designer


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