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Can Tourism Spark a Change? Introducing Our New Partner Kara-Tunga

Updated: Jun 27

Until recently, Karamoja—a remote northeastern region of Uganda bordering Kenya and South Sudan—was barely a blip on the map for even the most intrepid adventurers.

kara Tunga Shanita Karamoja Impact Tour

However, the return of peace in 2012, coupled with the construction of a paved highway, has transformed Karamoja into an emerging destination for those seeking untouched wilderness and cultural immersion.

kara Tunga Shanita Karamoja Impact Tour

Visitors are now discovering Karamoja's hidden treasures: from the captivating wildlife and traditional cultural encounters to the breathtaking hikes through its scenic volcanic mountains.

Yet, the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural tapestry are juxtaposed with visible signs of severe poverty and struggle, as Karamoja stands as one of the world's most impoverished regions. For compassionate travelers, this duality raises an important question:

"How can I make a difference?"

Our new partnership with Kara-Tunga is a collaboration aimed at answering this question through impactful community development initiatives while carefully preserving and respecting the local community we love and serve.

By blending sustainable tourism with tangible support for local communities, our joint efforts strive to uplift and empower the lives of Karamoja’s most vulnerable children.

Lior Sperandeo founder of Shanita organization in Uganda Karmaoja

Who Is Kara-Tunga?

Kara-Tunga is not just the best choice for accommodation and dining in Moroto, Karamoja; they are dedicated to fostering harmonious and prosperous communities, cherishing cultural heritage, safeguarding biodiversity, and promoting peaceful coexistence within a thriving natural environment.

kara Tunga Shanita Karamoja Impact Tour

As the gateway to Karamoja for visitors from around the world, Kara-Tunga, with their team of knowledgeable local guides, passionately shares East Africa’s last indigenous living cultures and natural resources. They offer authentic and enriching experiences that connect travelers with the region’s vibrant cultural and natural heritage.

kara Tunga Shanita Karamoja Impact Tour

Why a Collaboration?

While tourism and education might not seem like natural partners, our collaboration with Kara-Tunga is a unique and thoughtful approach to making a positive impact in Karamoja, Uganda.

Both organizations work within the same settings, serve the same communities, and share a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices that benefit the people of Karamoja.

kara Tunga Shanita Karamoja Impact Tour

Ethical Engagement

At Shanita, we've dedicated years to developing thoughtful solutions, always ensuring our interventions are both ethical and sensitive, with active community participation. Children are central to our mission, their well-being our foremost priority.

To sustain and expand our impact, we rely on global support from individuals passionate about transforming young lives. Partnering with Kara-Tunga, we invite more people to witness our progress and understand the community's challenges and successes. Travelers may become ambassadors, sharing experiences and sponsoring children to make enduring contributions.

Both organizations recognize the risks of unchecked tourism, where well-intentioned visitors might inadvertently undermine local dynamics. Having witnessed firsthand the effects of fleeting interventions, we are committed to guiding and regulating interactions to foster sustainability and respect in Karamoja's communities.

To maintain a respectful and supportive environment, we'll start the tour by sharing important guidelines and principles such as dress code, respectful language, no handouts, and limit camera use while on the premises. Imagine it as visiting your grandmother's home or your child’s school—showing the same level of care and consideration. (While camera use will be limited, we promise you will leave with unforgettable memories and cherished moments that will stay with you long after your visit.)

Karmaoja tribe in Uganda

How Our Joint Initiatives look like?

Impact Experience: A Journey into Education's Transformative Power in Karamoja.

Our "Impact Experience" tour offers travelers an exclusive glimpse into the lives of children and mothers in Karamoja. This specially designed half-day tour, available only on Saturday mornings and guided by Shanita, immerses visitors in an enriching journey.

Participants will meet the inspiring heroes behind the scenes and engage deeply with the unique challenges and opportunities shaping the lives of children in this vibrant region.

The cost of the tour serves entirely as a donation, directly supporting in sustaining and expanding our educational endeavors, ensuring continued support for the children we serve.

kara Tunga Shanita Karamoja Impact Tour

Starting in the village, travelers will engage with the local community and absorb the vibrant Karamojong culture firsthand. They will have the chance to sit with the mothers of Shanita, gaining insight into their growing interest and aspirations for their children's education.

kara Tunga Shanita Karamoja Impact Tour

The journey continues to one of the schools within Shanita's compound, where 120 children reside, learn, and are empowered as the future of Karamoja.

This immersive experience provides not only a firsthand perspective on the transformative power of education but also a celebration of the impactful changes already achieved. The visit is meticulously structured to align with the school’s schedule and uphold the program’s integrity. (with visits exclusively available on Saturdays.)

Shanita organization in Karmaoja Uganda
Shanita organization in Karmaoja Uganda

Welcome to Karamoja!

Come join us in Karamoja. Experience the beauty of its culture, the warmth of its people, and witness our impact firsthand. Your stay will be a catalyst for great change. Be part of this remarkable journey and help us build a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow for Karamoja.


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