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Tis the season for miracles

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Dear friends and partners,

It is hard to believe that another year has already gone by.

This was just going to be another regular update, but we have witnessed something extraordinary in the past month, something we haven't seen since we started three years ago.

At the beginning of November, we launched an ambitious campaign to recruit sponsors for 150 scholarships for children in Uganda. Just one month later, we are thrilled to say that we have not only reached the target but exceeded it! As of today, 180 children will go to school for the first time in the upcoming school year, which starts on January 10th. This is all thanks to you – the new members of our vibrant family. For us, it's an incredible achievement that has brought tears to our eyes; and for the children, this is nothing short of a miracle. We're not just saying that – those were the exact words of our local team in Uganda when they found out that so many of you have joined: "it's a miracle!"

So, I would like to open with a big thank you. Your generosity and love fuel our journey as we fight for the basic rights of children who desperately need the help we offer – currently in Uganda and hopefully in other places later on. To those of you who have joined us recently, and to those who have been with us from the start – we have been deeply moved by your generosity, your words, and your offers to donate not only your money but also your time and expertise. You are our heroes!

A huge thank you to Ayelet Shani and Ha'aretz newspaper in Israel, who published Lior's story at such a fortunate timing and brought so many wonderful people to join our efforts.

Lior Sperandeo Haarez article

What happens now?

In the coming month, our teams on the ground will be busy with logistical preparations for the upcoming school year. We hope to see more join the scholarship program ahead of January. We still have dozens of children on our waiting lists dreaming of this opportunity.

If you have a relative, friend or colleague who may be interested in sponsoring a child in Uganda, please invite them to join us! (Registration will remain open until January 10th, 2022)

*Photos from last year's first day of school | early 2021

What's next?

At the beginning of January, Shanita's team in Israel and abroad will travel to Uganda to help enroll the new students in schools in two different regions: Mbale and Karamoja. We will be there to prepare them and accompany them as they start their life-changing journey, and of course, we will share this exciting day with you – the people who have made it possible!

This brings us to one last thank you – to the incredibly talented Yael and Idy, who as well as being among our first sponsors, have recently set up our new Instagram account. Thank you!

@shanita_org instagram

That's all for now friends,

With warm wishes for the holiday season and the New Year,

Team Shanita


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