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Must Watch: Mothers of Shanita

Updated: Jan 27

Dear cherished friends,

We're excited to introduce you to Lomonging Anna, the mother of Ngiro Maria, a bright young girl in Shanita's scholarship program. Watch this special video, where Lomonging shares Maria's journey in the program from a mother's perspective. It offers a heartfelt glimpse into their world and highlights the profound impact of your support on their family's life.


It started several months back when we set out on a mission to locate Ngiro's mother, the parent of an 8-year-old girl in our program struggling with a chronic ear condition. Under the relentless sun, amidst the remote village landscape of Karamoja, we journeyed from one household to another until we finally found Lumonging Anna, Ngiro's dedicated mother, busy pickling round wild cucumbers for the approaching dry season.

Lomonging didn't expect us, or even dreamt of the possibility that we would reach her home. We sat in the shade near her modest dwelling, and our conversation extended into the evening hours. Anna is a single mother to eight children and has faced numerous challenges in her life. She shared her personal story with us, holding nothing back about the difficulties she and her eight children endure to this day. She recounted the financial hardships that prevented her from taking her children for medical check-ups when they fell ill, and she vividly remembers losing a child ten years ago as a result.

The conversation left us all with a profound sense of empathy, yet it also taught us new perspectives on the transformation that the scholarship program brings to the lives of the children and their families, which can sometimes be challenging to see amidst the chaos of everyday life. Beyond the immense pain, We had the privilege of meeting a courageous mother, full of hope and light, who exerts every possible effort for her eight children.

We embraced Lomonging warmly and shared with her the immense kindness of people around the world, enabling Ngiro to attend school and receive ongoing medical care. Touched by this, she expressed a desire to reciprocate, offering us a handful of cucumbers in gratitude. Explaining their distance, we proposed an alternative: sharing her story with them, with you, Shanita's supporters and friends.

She graciously agreed.


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